Holo Magic is an intelligent hardware module tailored for Mopii digital human remote interactive communication. We have developed a series of practical and interesting intelligent perception products through air imaging, virtual technology, AR/VR, and other technologies to provide Mopii fans with a variety of products to enter the Mopii world. The choice of the entrance tool is optimized. And the product development principle of “extreme leisure and comfort” makes the interaction better, simpler, and more efficient.

Mopii Desk: integrated integration of radio frequency reading and writing device, intelligent lifting, temperature and brightness sensing adjustment, bringing you a VIP-like intelligent interactive experience.




Mopii Holo: No touch, precise interaction, privacy protection, manual grabbing, take you to the world in the movie.




Mopii VR: Auto-focus, intelligent voice wake-up, virtual reality field of view, take you to experience an immersive new world.




Mopii Mirror: Gamified fitness, full voice control, full immersion, slimming, health, strength, decompression, bring you good habits of happily exercise every day.




Mopii Sofa: Freedom of position, comfort, and flexibility, automatic workspace correction, bring you into a state of total relaxation.


Mopii Waterun: Equipped with technologies such as vision, perception, and automatic balance, which will take you to experience a variety of marine entertainment methods such as swimming, surfing, and diving.




Mopii Extreme: Professional combat boots, clothing, and protective equipment take you to pursue the thrilling extreme in life safely and live out a cool vitality.



Mopii Bed: Non-contact physiological sign sensor, effectively help the heart, relieve the pressure of pumping blood in zero gravity mode, and brings you a deep and relaxing sleep all night.




Mopii Bicycle:In the real-life riding mode, you can choose various attractive riding lines all over the world, and take you to experience the riding journey at home.

Holo Magic

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