Carbon Land is an extremely important chapter in Mopii's novel. It is a metaverse green planet built for the purpose of carbon neutrality. It aims to awaken human beings to participate in the construction of carbon neutrality through interesting games and social methods. With the Mopii digital human's power and number growing rapidly, Carbon Land takes the suppression of global warming as our corporate mission, and provides human beings with comprehensive solutions for refrigeration and cooling down. The comprehensive solutions for refrigeration of scarce minerals, fabrics, clothing, new materials, and buildings are upgraded. Through the fast and effective link mode of the Metaverse, participants can achieve the awareness of protecting the earth together.

We integrate high-quality carbon reduction products with the travel chain of the world. By building relevant interactive scenarios for global users, we aim to advocate human beings to find a more meaningful life mission in the metaverse world. Through the virtual space experience mode, the distance between people of different countries can be shortened, and finally, people will be awakened to contribute to improving the global environment, reducing carbon emissions, using high technology to change the increasingly severe global climate situation, and creating a green and environmentally friendly earth together.

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